Losing Weight with Jenny Craig


There are many weight loss programs on the market that you can choose if you are looking to shed some pounds. One of the best is Jenny Craig. If you have never joined a weight loss program before, you will probably have a few questions, such as “How does Jenny Craig work?” In addition, you will want to know how much the Jenny Craig program costs per month. There is a great deal of information you will need to know before joining the program.

When you first join Jenny Craig, your initial month will be free. However, after this time, it will be $29 per month. There are two ways you can join the program. One is by attending meetings and the other is to do everything online.

Attending meetings with consultants tends to be the more preferred method of Jenny Craig members. You can call for a free consultation and will be required to come in to meet your consultant at a specific location. From there, you and the consultant will discuss your options and set your weight loss goals together. The consultant is the one who will take responsibility for your success.

Also with your consultant, you will learn how to create a Jenny Craig menu plan and plans for your physical activities that will assist you in your weight loss journey. You will also have the opportunity to talk about any challenges you have toward your personal weight situation.

Members who choose to use the program online only can discuss all of their options with a representative over the phone. You will get assistance toward working toward reaching your weight loss goals, have a menu and activity plan created and help to overcome any and all challenges. In addition, you will receive access to all the online tools you will need to get started with Jenny Craig’s program online.

There are many delicious foods you will get with Jenny Craig that can assist in your weight loss goals. You will also receive helpful tools that you can use over your lifetime on how to eat more healthily and undertake certain activities that will aid you in your weight loss and in allowing you to maintain your weight once you have shed all the pounds. You can read helpful articles and even get recipes that have worked for other Jenny Craig members who have shared their own delicious concoctions.

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