Guilt-Free Baking

Healthy Baking Substitutions

When trying to stick to a healthy diet, baking your favorite treats can seem challenging. However, there are many healthy alternatives to the sugary, carbohydrate-rich items in your favorite treats. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about how easy it is to use healthy baking substitutions.


With the paleo and gluten-free diets growing in popularity, people are now learning how horrendous some carbohydrates are to your health. Although flour often lays the foundation for cookies, brownies, and more, it can easily be replaced with healthier options. One healthy substitution is vitamin and nutrient-dense almond meal, which is simply ground almonds. You can even make your own flour, made from any chopped nuts of your choice, by placing them in a food processor.


Another unhealthy component to many baked goods is sugar. Thankfully, it can also be easily replaced with healthier alternatives that are lower in calories and natural, like stevia or raw, organic honey. Another substitute for sugar is dates, which can placed in a food processor with a few tablespoons of water to create a paste that can be easily blended into baked goods for a healthy, sweet taste.


Although organic butter has been shown to have health benefits, for those seeking a healthier option that can be enjoyed in greater abundance, coconut oil is ideal. Coconut oil is full of vitamins and heart-healthy fats, and tastes great in baked items.


For those seeking to avoid eggs, flax meal “eggs” make a great replacement and are excellent for concocting vegan baked goods. Flax meal is fibrous and full of vitamins and when combined with water, the perfect faux egg for baking is created. To make a flax “egg” you simply combine a tablespoon of flax meal and 3 tablespoons of water.


Heavy cream is another unhealthy component often required for baking. However, it can be replaced with full fat coconut milk, plain Greek yogurt, or a combination of milk and coconut oil to achieve the same texture that cream would provide.


Clearly, there is a plethora of healthy baking substitutions available that allow you to still enjoy your favorite indulgences. Regardless of which recipe you follow, you can be sure you can replace unhealthy items with ease.

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